Miss Fortune & Sivir Cosplay


Is there anything better than big chested woman pirate, like the champion Miss Fortune from League of Legends? Trouncing everyone that gets in her way, usually wearing nothing but a form fitting bikini. How about the battle mistress Sivir wrapped in form fitting armor that leaves little to the imagination? The only thing that could beat these gorgeous champions is putting them together at a pool party.

That is exactly what Russian cosplayers Anya Ichios and Katya Smirnova along with their photographer Andrey Kudryavtsev decided to do. Anya and Kate put together their best Miss Fortune and Sivir pool ready cosplays, as well as their bodies, for a photo shoot that will haunt your day dreams. Showing us what its like when two champions put aside their differences, get wet, and slide up and down each other. Wouldn’t it be great if all our lady League of Legend champions could get along this well?


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