AltPorn Awards Best Nerd Update


zelda comic book clerkI saw Blue Blood posted yesterday about their wins in the APN Awards. I meant to post something about the nominees in the category AltPorn Awards 2012: Best Nerd Update. But then I had to find a non-nude graphic and so I meant to do it later and then I forgot. Anyway, Athena Hollow’s Geek Girls Online and Zelda won in my favorite category. They did a set where Zelda is a comic book store clerk. A naked tattooed comic book store clerk. Go Athena Hollow! Go Zelda! Go Geek Girls Online!

Interestingly, this year cam site MyFreeCams won in what is probably the most prestigious category, AltPorn Awards 2012: Best AltPorn Membership Site – Multigirl/Community. This is the first time a cam site, rather than a more traditionally structured membership site, has won. I think a really interesting evolution in web technology is the driving force here. I am always fascinated by how tech drives social change, as this is pretty much the basis of all the best science fiction. I have to say I think MFC deserved the win. I know I find it entertaining to go look at their site when I can’t sleep at night and there is always something going on there.

AltPorn Awards 2012: Best Nerd Update Nominees

The official APN 2012 AltPorn Awards nominees for Best Nerd update of 2011 are:
(Examples: dorky girls, gamers, cosplay)

– Myra – Vulcan – GodsGirls
– Zelda – Comic Clerk – GeekGirlsOnline
– Sweetheart – Party Bus – EroticBPM
– Zelda – Road Warrior – GeekGirlsOnline
– Noel Cypress – Summoner Yuna Cosplay – NoelsNaughtyNook
– The Joker and Alice in Wonderland – Blue Blood
– Athena Hollow & Noel Cypress – Haunted House – GeekGirlsOnline / NoelsNaughtyNook
– Asphyxia – Fucking The Books – Burning Angel
– Nao – Geeky Girl – BombshellBrats
– Andy San Dimas – Godzilla – GodsGirls
– Noel Cypress – Lady Sylvanas – NoelsNaughtyNook
– Evelynne Bennu – Fairytale – EroticFandom
– Leila Hazlett – Comic Geek – GeekGirlsOnline
– Noel Cypress – Narutard – NoelsNaughtyNook


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