The Cosplayer from the Most Filmed Place On Earth

New Zealand is best known as the destination for big wigs producers when talking about filming a movie that is set on a timeline thousands of years ago or prehistoric era or even about other worlds! I am talking about the movies 10,000 BC, Avatar (2009 film), The Chronicles of Narnia, Ghost in the Shell (2017 film), The Hobbit, The Last Samurai, The Legend of Zorro, The Lord Of The Rings, and many more. These are not just small budgeted films.

Mikomin a kiwi (or at least that’s what they call people from New Zealand), is one of the cosplayers lucky enough to be born and raised in New Zealand. I’m wondering, though, if when she will be able to have a cosplay photo shoot on one of the famous views in New Zealand.

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