Beautiful in Black Boa Hancock Cosplay

Whenever I chance upon a cosplay of Boa Hancock it’s always that one of her wearing the red dress – her signature outfit. As a cosplayer, to be easily recognizable, you’d want to choose this option. However, for cosplayer Miao, she chose to break that habit. Although this costume is quite different from her flowy red dress, her signature style of exposing her shapely abdomen is retained.

It’s been years since the infamous pirate Luffy and his gang started their journey in search of the world’s ultimate treasure known as the “One Piece” in order to become the next Pirate King. Up to this date, with more or less 85 book volumes and over 700 episodes, they still haven’t found it.

This may be among the longest running anime there is. But that’s okay, isn’t it? That means for fans, they get to see more and more of their favorite pirates, right?

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