Necro Nicki’s Perversely Provoking Wednesday Addams Cosplay

Necro Nicki is cosplayng perfectly as Wednesday Addams, as if she was born to play that role. The best part is that she lets go of the creepy aspects of the character and instead focuses more on bringing her own brand of sensuality that will have you wanting to chase after her instead of running away after you see what lies beneath that dress of hers.

Looking good is not the only thing Necro Nicki knows how to do, however, and she is ready to demonstrate her mad skills along with her friend Judas in a video that reveals what they can do in a highly lustful parody of the Addams Family in true BurningAngel style. Necro Nicki has also recently started livestream broadcasting so you can interact with her directly.


On Fridays, Necro Nicki wears black. And sometimes she is actually Wednesday Addams in the flesh. This is one of those days. Our satanic goth princess’s sexy creepy is on point in our parody, Very Adult Wednesday Addams. Look into the abyss, or Necro’s sexy butthole – both demand your attention. She’ll let you pull on her pigtails!



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