Good Luck Black Cat

“My Spidey sense is TINGLING” is what will Spider-man would say when he meets this ferocious, cunning and seductive cat in the street but I’m not very sure though if it’s really his Spider sense tingling or just his old typical libido rampaging in his pants. I can’t blame the friendly neighbor web slinger, I myself can’t control it when I saw this cosplay but let me introduce first who is this Black Cat.

Black Cat‘s real name is Felicia Hardy. She was trained by her father to become a great athlete. After a traumatic experience as a college freshman, Felicia trained herself to become highly skilled and an expert of martial arts and acrobatics. When her father was imprisoned, she decided to follow in his footsteps and use her abilities to become The Black Cat.

I’ll admit, the cosplay captivates me specially with the one with Busted sign and the other one where she was drinking milk I think? You know all cats love to drink milk. The costume itself is very simple, anyone can make it but what makes it seductive like the Black Cat in the Marvel universe is the hot body of the model, Polina one of the famous Milligan Vick‘s model. You can stare at the photos below all day long or all night long and I’ll understand why.

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