Easter over the Ocean

GodsGirls brings us a new model for Easter. Her name is Ocean and she really brings a bit of Easter holiday cheer, with a big bunny plush. I like Gods Girls and Ocean fits in rather well. She has this girl-next-door nerdy vibe mixed with a lot of powerful curves. I love her look. Her glasses are really cute, too. There’s no secret that I think glasses are sexy and this photoshoot proves my point. I haven’t seen Ocean before, so I am getting a feel for her. She does have ink and I could show you her calf tattoo. The artwork came out rather well on it. She also has this great tattoo of writing down her sides, but I can’t seem to get a clear shot of it without, well, let’s just say the shots become less than SFW. There is one shot that I could do where she keeps her top on with the tattoo. I rather like her ink.

As this set is mostly out of the SFW zone, I can say that she does have piercings; however, they are in a location that I can’t show you. Okay, make that locations–plural. Ocean shows a lot of promise (amongst other things) and I hope to see more of her in the future.

Relationship Status
Sexy Orientation
Near Cardiff currently
About Me
A little English person from by the sea in Somerset close to Bristol & currently studying in South Wales, UK. I like abandoned places, naked ladies and underwear. I love all three combined.
Why Im a GodsGirl
To be with awesome people, be nude and do some wonderful things
Superhero Power
Sexual fantasy
Weapon of Choice
urban exploration and photography

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