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Sword Fighting

You can tell this gentleman and lady have fun sparring with swords and armor or naked naked naked.

Stormy Leather Bound Yolanda

Here is some Xmas hair for the holiday season. Blue Blood Yolanda looks delicious in this sample gallery from Gothic Sluts with her pale vampire flesh wrapped in this...

Chantel Williams Warehouse Shootout

Here is a gallery of sample still photos from the movie of Chantel Williams guns blazing in a warehouse. Gun America, Military Girls, Fitness Babes, Muscle Babes, Cat...

TGirl Parade

There is something about transsexuals which has always struck me as very sci fi. From Tanith Lee to George Alec Effinger, there have been themes of gender fluidity...

Armored Domina

This femdom knight is kind of butch in her armor, but she is clearly all woman when the plate mail comes off.

Shannon from Pretty in Pink

Continuing the pink theme for just a bit longer this week, her is a pretty in pink sample gallery of the sexiest girl ever Shannon from Sin Is Her with guest star Zenova...

Szandora Shuts Up But I Do Not

Continuing with the pink theme this week, we’ve got a sample gallery of Szandora all tied up with her hair pink and pink tape over her mouth. Apparently some...

Bailey on Erotic BPM

Okay, there is nothing like the party girls from rave site EroticBPM to raise our spirits. Let’s get the party started with Bailey here.

Hillside Mace & Sword Insertion

This girl really knows how to have fun with medieval weaponry.

I Love the Devilish Topsites

I’m still learning about how to get visitors to my web site and not just talk about what I find interesting on other web sites. I mentioned the darling I Love the...

I Love The Devil

While I am in the mode of mentioning how sexy I find the devilish cuties of Blue Blood’s, it bears mentioning that is one hell of...

Ogre Porn Hot Shrex Big Love

Sometimes it is hard to tell when the internet is kidding and when it is not. In this case, it is just big and slutty. And green. Yes, folks, it is for your...


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