Category: Cosplay

TGirl Parade

There is something about transsexuals which has always struck me as very sci fi. From Tanith Lee to George Alec Effinger, there have been themes of gender fluidity...

Armored Domina

This femdom knight is kind of butch in her armor, but she is clearly all woman when the plate mail comes off.

Bailey on Erotic BPM

Okay, there is nothing like the party girls from rave site EroticBPM to raise our spirits. Let’s get the party started with Bailey here.

Hillside Mace & Sword Insertion

This girl really knows how to have fun with medieval weaponry.

Cafe Flesh 2

So I guess everything successful has to have a sequel. The porn cult classic Cafe Flesh is no exception. Apparently, in the area of adult video at least, Antonio...

Sexy Trek Gallery of the Week

Okay, I admit I’ve fantasized about rough Klingon mating habits on more than one occasion, but I kind of wanted this Sexy Trek Klingon to have better makeup and...

Ondine is Devilish

Ah, those devil girls from Blue Blood’s make me want to do bad things. Here is a sample gallery for SexyFandom readers of Ondine bathing in a...

Riverbed Ruckus

She is spearfishing in chainmail until he shows up with no pants ready to show her a how a girl could loosen up and have a lot of fun in a rocky riverbed.

Fetus de Milo in Rubber Catsuit is the Future

This sample gallery of Fetus de Milo sporting a full body-covering black rubber catsuit has a very cyberpunk feel to me. Her facial piercings are so artfully arranged...

Sexy Trek Gallery of the Week

As these sample pictures demonstrate, any good English teacher will tell you that if you introduce a laser pistol in the first act, it has to go off by the third act.

Mead Drinking Leads to Sex

It starts off with a little mead drinking and next thing you know the two couples pictures in this sample gallery are all buck naked and doing it on the floor. This is...

Erotic BPM Ray Gun Party

There is something about the raver subculture which always struck me as very science fiction, like a bright spot in some future dystopia not yet here more than in a Jeff...


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