Babylau7’s A-Moo-Zing Cosplay Show


That pun in the title isn’t an accident, instead it’s referencing the fact that Babylau7 has turned herself into an adorable looking cow with a little help from some special clothing.

I love that smile on her face as I take a look at the show. My own smile grows just as big the moment I see those cute ears and horns poking out of her hair. The cow-pattern bikini and matching apron both looks so sexy and cute at the same time. She even has a stunning pair of stockings and a little bow tie around her neck.

I love how pink Babylau7’s room is. Seeing her outfit in such an environment makes it look even more stylish and there’s plenty of style to be found as part of this show.

Babylau7's A-Moo-Zing Cosplay Show

Babylau7's A-Moo-Zing Cosplay Show

Babylau7's A-Moo-Zing Cosplay Show

Babylau7 writes:

A really cute girl, i love dance and sing,😍 LOVE THE CANDYS😍 but i can be really naughty and horny, i love experiment and have a lot of fun.


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