Flooziy’s Playful Gaming Interruption


Video games have come a long way in terms of innovation, but I still hold the dialogue boxes that the player needs to press a button to advance as one of the best inventions in gaming.


Because they aid immersion and make the games feel like a novel, which is a nice addition to the gameplay, and they also allow for lots of interesting things to happen in the middle of a gaming session, as flooziy is demonstrating on this show.

She is playing a bit of Persona 5 when suddenly something happens, something that changes the course of her stream and takes it to a naughtier state where she starts feeling some vibrations flowing, and they aren’t coming from her controller.

So, by leaving the game untouched for a spell, flooziy is able to enjoy this new ride of incessant buzzing and, while she straddles her bear, she can get lost to the full in the sweet sensation without worrying about her game progression as she slides into the newfound goodness of a different playtime, one that comes with lots of booty shots, ahegao expressions and a melody of high-pitched vocalizations of bliss.

flooziy writes:
playful switch | 5ft tall-size 5 feet | https://onlyfans.com/flooziy


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