Sabrina_Geek’s Gorgeous Ganyu


Ganyu is just one of those characters that is as recognizable as any and has some really interesting powers, which is why seeing Sabrina_Geek slip into the character was really lovely to see.

The black on purple on blue on gold all work together to create quite the outfit, and with a lot of powers added onto her, there is no questioning all the Hydro that comes with Sabrina_Geek – and the mysteries that that carries on top of it.

Sabrina_Geek‘s Ganyu is looking gorgeous!

Sabrina_Geek's Gorgeous Ganyu

Sabrina_Geek's Gorgeous Ganyu

Sabrina_Geek's Gorgeous Ganyu

Sabrina_Geek writes:

Username: Sabrina_geek
CamScore: 1054
Gender: Female
Sexual Preference: Straight


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