Zobot’s HuniePop Gaming Night


It looks like Zobot’s kitty has taken over the show as the very first thing I see is a close-up of tired looking kitty, who is lying right next to her keyboard.

If I had to guess, the kitty is probably interested in playing the current game in the room. Zobot is doing a HuniePop gaming night and she looks to be right in the middle of one. The objective is to go on dates and play a tile matching game at the same time and it looks like she only has a couple of moves left to make this date a success.

The anime girl in the game looks like a gorgeous pixie and I love how even Zobot’s bra has some anime characters hanging out on top of it. I’m sure the rest of this HuniePop round will go great as long as she is the one in control!

Zobot's HuniePop Gaming Night

Zobot's HuniePop Gaming Night

Zobot's HuniePop Gaming Night

Zobot writes:

MFC cam girl & g̸̩͊̐̐̇l̵͚͍̝̲͊͋̕ì̴̘̟̌͆̃̅t̴̙̾̃͘ç̶̛͖͖̜̝͚̓́̃h̶̞̠̥̥͙͓͛ in the matrix (¬‿¬) programmed to be your favorite awkward, snorting machine ♡


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