_Saya_’s Cute And Colorful Zero Two Show


Being part of the APE Special Forces must not be an easy task, especially when that involves fighting klaxosaurs to protect the world. That’s exactly what Zero two has to go through as part of the DARLING in the FRANXX franchise, but I’m glad to see her taking some time off in _Saya_‘s room right now.

The cutie has turned her whole uniform into a sexy one piece outfit that makes her look like an animated character come to life. Her pink hair and those devilish horns poking out of it are certainly fit for any actual DARLING in the FRANXX adventure!

Thankfully _Saya_ is off duty and can have a good time in her room, showing off her stylish looks while playing with a giant pink teddy bear.

_Saya_'s Cute And Colorful Zero Two Show

_Saya_'s Cute And Colorful Zero Two Show

_Saya_'s Cute And Colorful Zero Two Show

_Saya_ writes:

Real Name: Saya
Followers: 9730
Birth Date: Feb. 14, 2003
Age: 18
I am: A Woman
Interested In: Women, Men, Couples, Trans
Location: Colombia
Language(s): Español / English
Body Type: Curvy
Smoke / Drink: Only if you want ♥
Body Decorations: Tattoos, piercing


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