RocknRose Maleficent Show, Part 2 of 2


RocknRose did her Maleficent Show, Part 1 of 2 last night. Tonight is the sequel and features her jaw-dropping artistry, from her elegant dance to her opulent and involved costuming to her spooky forest background, this is another one of her next level shows. She does all this while maintaining a sweet playful vibe. Last night was more of the Disney version of the cosplay and tonight is more her own creative take on the character. It is free to make a profile to watch her livestream this Halloween, but, if you are able to tip, you can make a flight of spooky bats fly around her screen, which is really fun. I enjoy her unexpected music choices too, such as she is playing Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band immediately following Marilyn Manson as I write this.


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