Nurse Forest_nymph Joy


Forest_nymph is cosplaying Nurse Joy tonight. I’ve been trying to drink less coffee lately and actually asked her what her cosplay is. I clearly need a coffee. Although it is a bit late in my time zone to be caffeinating right now. Forest_nymph says she doesn’t drink coffee at all any more because it was having the opposite effect of what she wanted and she kept taking naps. Which is a great reason to give a pass to caffeinated coffee. It is free to join her livestream chat right now and Forest_nymph is also doing a raffle this Halloween month with a Pokemon theme and you could win cosplay photos of either Nurse Joy or Jessie. You don’t have to tip at all to check out the show, but, if you can tip, she also has tip ranks this month which all have great category names like “dwarfmode”, “hobbitmode”, and the most coveted “highelf”.

Username: Forest_nymph
CamScore: 7296
Gender: Female
Eyes: Green
Height: 163 centimeters
City: Lothlorien, Middle Earth
Country: New Zealand
Sexual Preference: Bi-curious
Occupation/Major: Internet person/Astral traveller/INTJ


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