Cheshire Is Not A Cat, Okay?


“I’m Cheshire, a heavy cruiser from the Royal Navy! Until I met you, I was just a stray in the sea of people’s imagination! Which is to say, both my body and soul belong to you, Owner! Squeeeze~♡” – Cheshire’s self-introduction from Azur Lane

Something witchy comes this way. Here’s Nisa in her cosplay of the extremely adorable Cheshire from Azur Lane. Cheshire may be cute and bubbly but this doesn’t mean she is to be underestimated as she has a pretty decent set of fire power and has a high survivability rate thanks to her evasion boost and high health points. Her default skin consists of a set of cat eas and a maid outfit with a very short skirt, but this version that Nisa is cosplaying is called Caith Sith Crooner that has her clad in a bewitching black dress with a sort of diamond keyhole neckline as reference to the large black cat with a white spot on the chest called cat-sìth from Celtic mythology.


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