Blood : Saya, the last vampire


There are a lot of Blood anime versions and most of us are assuming that each of those animes are somewhat on different eras where Saya was awake. For those who doesn’t have any idea, Saya is an out-of-this-world girl who bat-like creatures called chiropterans.

In Blood + or Blood Plus, it seems like Saya’s mother is an alien or creature from the underground, who feeds on blood (Saya’s twin, Diva, loves drinking her victims dry) but Saya doesn’t have any memory of this. She just thought that she’s an average teenager with a really weird appetite. She eats a lot but doesn’t get fat (I do know people like that but I don’t think they’re related to Saya) until a chiropteran attacked their school and she was coincidentially there at school to get something. The key, Hagi, her chevalier for centuries got reunited with her and the “inner” Saya woke up and destroyed the first chiropteran.

Blood+ consists of 50 episodes with a lot of action, drama (I cried on one of the episodes), and complications — “do I kill my twin to save the world I don’t even belong” type of complication. This Blood version’s the most popular version so far. Blood+ aired on Japan on October 8, 2005 until September 23, 2006.

Blood C was then released on 2011, where Saya is a cheerful teenager (as usual) and lives in a temple with her father where she acts as a priestess protecting their village. Their village is like too good to be true. You know what they say, if they say it’s too good to be true, probably because it isn’t.

Both Blood installments are actually based on an anime film way back 2000, titled Blood: The Last Vampire about Saya. Because of its success and uniqueness, they were inspired to make more Blood animes. In 2009, they released the live action movie of Blood: The Last Vampire starring Jun Ji-hyun (Sassy Girl, Windstruck).

Featured in this article is cosplayer, Kira Hokuten, as Saya from Blood C.


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