_Sabrinamoon’s Harley Quinn Is Extra Playful


My, my, well if it isn’t quite the playful Harley Quinn I’ve managed to come across! Right in her spirit, _Sabrinamoon is a cutie with some moves on her when I enter the room – and a whole lot of smoke to go with it as well! It’s kind of like a dance light show, with the most positive energy I’ve seen be mustered.

The brunette cutie is moving her body to the beat of the drum so to speak, as she smiles from ear to ear in a very classic comic book look that Harley often wears. That black and red is unmistakably Puddin’s better, more aggressive half and that big grin is exactly the mood I’d expect the supervillain (or hero?) to have.

The show is far from over and _Sabrinamoon‘s Harley Quinn has some more moves to show off!

_Sabrinamoon's Harley Quinn Is Extra Playful

_Sabrinamoon's Harley Quinn Is Extra Playful

_Sabrinamoon's Harley Quinn Is Extra Playful

_Sabrinamoon writes:

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