Admiral, Have You Forgotten About Shimakaze?


Have you seen some Shimakaze around lately? You really shouldn’t forget this character just yet just because other ship girl games have surfaced and the game’s popularity has sadly faded. However, KanColle fans don’t seem to be sad because the game seems like it’s still far from being closed down.

If by chance you have forgotten about Shimakaze though, cosplayer Okita Rinka is here to remind you of her existence. With each cosplay photo upload, Rinka’s expertise in making sensual gestures and cute faces is bringing in new followers to add to her legion of fans.

Shimakaze is depicted in Kantai Collection as a skinny and slim, fair-skinned, young female humanoid with grey eyes and like all of the other ships in the games, when she takes damage, she loses part of her clothing. A feature, ship girl games seem to have.

If you want to follow more of this cosplayer and her works, be sure to check out the following links:


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