Ren as Hatsune Miku (Knife ver.)


Hatsune Miku, the world’s digital pop star, is usually portrayed as cute, young and playful by default. However, throughout the years creators have successfully given her different images from that of an innocent young girl to that of a mature alluring woman, much like her image from the song “Knife” by Powercode-P. Knife’s unique concept, the character designs and the song itself gained more than 100,000+ views. Because of this Knife has been included in the VOCALOID Hall of Fame.

Korean cospalyer, Ren, has been a fan of manga and Japanese animation since she was young. Having a career in game development, she was not a stranger to Japan’s digital diva and had much appreciation for her. This led the way to Ren’s wonderful cosplay of Hatsune Miku’s Knife version.


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