Snitchery Shows You How To Look Like An Anime Dream Girl


The lovely and talented Snitchery starts this video by telling us of how she wanted to give everyone a look that was Anime inspired while also being wearable day to day, and that is definitely what this look is giving us!

She starts off with her foundation, specifically using the Giorgio Armani Fluid Sheer with your usual foundation, and blending them together while applying with a beauty blender. She then puts translucent powder under her eyes and in the T-zone, keeping the rest of the face looking dewy. The NYX Highlight and contour Pro Palette is used to contour and round out her cheeks while also giving a sharp contour to her jaw, and she uses two straight lines to shrink the nose.  She doubles up on blush for an extra rosy look, using a L’oreal Paris Paradise blush and then layering the blush in the Urban Decay Naked Flushed palette over it. L’oreal Paris’ Brow pencil is brushed through her brows, and then she draws on some more hairs with a NYX Epic Ink liner to fill them out and make them look bushier.

Now to the eyes themselves, first she uses the YSL Couture Variation palette color Paris under her eye to mimic a bag and this is the secret to making the eyes look much bigger! Then, going back to the Urban Decay palette, the contour shade goes in the outer corner of the eyes on top and bottom. The highlight shade from the same palette is applied with a finger to the lid and inner corner, and white eyeshadow goes into the inner corner and right above the eye bag that was drawn in earlier. She uses the NYX That’s The Point eyeliner to make a sharp wing, and then uses some thick lashes and some Maybelline Express the Falsies mascara, as well as some single lashes on the outer corners of the outer lashes. A light shade of highlighter from the NYX Born To Glow palette is dusted lightly on the face. Her lips are the final touch and she uses Urban Decay Vice liquid in the shade Kinky, and she draws a little on her lips and then taps the rest on with her finger.

That is it! Snitchery has now given you a look that can give you the anime girl look year round! Check out her YouTube channel and social media for more great ideas, fashion, and tutorials!



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Easing our way into Halloween makeup with a wearable anime girl makeup tutorial that you can whip out before true spooky season! As the month goes on I’ll be doing more dramatic makeup tutorials like those you see on my Instagram, but I wanted to start off with something super easy for day-to-day. Hope y’all like it!

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