Incredible Genos Cosplay by August


Compared to One Punch Man lead character, Saitama, Genos’s costume is more challenging to make and wear. At a glance, you can tell that his armor has very meticulous details and not to mention his eye sclera is all black. Cosplayers often times have to wear contact lenses so their eyes have the same color as the character they are portraying and for a Genos cosplay, this means they have to wear sclera lenses which can be really very uncomfortable and a little expensive for some. On studio photoshoots however, cosplayers can give their eyeballs a break from the lenses, because the black sclera color can been post processed digitally like this cool cosplay photoset of Genos by August (pseudonym). You can see in some of his photos, his sclerae were not blackened while in the other photos they were. As to why this is, the most logical explanation would be, because the photographer/post process editor felt like blackening the sclerae during editing and it feels like there’s not just on photographer/post process editor in this photoset. Either way, kudos to both the cosplayer and to the photographers for this amazing collection.


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