Take A Bite Of This Apple

“Don’t bite me, do it gently”

“I don’t like bitter stuff, I’m only used to eating sweets mama makes”

Are just part of the lyrics of Hatsune Miku’s song “Romeo and Cinderella”. Pretty provocative, huh? Well it goes to show that not all Vocaloid songs are for kids. This songs popularity got it to be among the songs that were included in the Project DIVA games and now it has plenty of cutesy music videos floating on the tube. Before Project DIVA, the song was first released with a video consisting only of an art of Hatsune Miku wearing a pink lingerie with a black lace.

This is exactly what cosplayer, Kisakiurumi, cosplayed right here. The older Vocaloid fans might recognize this but most of the general more recent Vocaloid fans might not be familiar with it anymore. Safe to say Kisakiurumi is part of the earlier generation of those who embraced Vocaloid.

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