MinnieMoralia Unstrip Poker

MinnieMoralia is cosplaying the invisible woman card sharp. She is dealing poker hands and doing wheel spins for a prizes. She has a whole fantasy casino going for Halloweenesque fun. I love the special effects; she has implemented them so well. She says she has played cards in real life, in a casino, back when it was safe to go outside, and she feels like she is not very good, but sometimes the luck is with you and sometimes it is not. She is telling the anecdote of her winning and winning and someone else at the table telling her that she was “stealing” his cards because she kept winning, despite not being very good, while he was losing. That sounds to me like a gent who needs to dial back the gambling. We are talking now in her chat about how to predict how much it is possible to get done in a day. MinnieMoralia says she can sometimes get an insane amount of stuff done in a day, but it is not predictable when she will have one of those days, so she often underestimates how long a task will take. I very much resemble that comment. It is safe and free right now to set up a profile to see her show and play cards online today.

Terror incognita
107, Caucasian
Tags: cinema, literature, philosophy, art history, music appreciation and asmr, some burlesque antics, and retro video games and, a great deal of conversation, plus aesthetically challenging, performance and video art, with a brunette, alternative maybe, nonnude, non nude, nerd i guess, with, small ears and glasses sometimes, who really, likes, karaoke, and, might be a tad too verbose on oc, casion but only in the name of p, recision, more tags for your convenience, goofy clumsy charming, pseudo intellectual, wholesome, non judgemental, self deprecating, canadian, jk lol

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