Medusa Miss_Lollipop Turning Things to Stone


Miss_Lollipop had a more elaborate Medusa costume on earlier, but now she is down to fishnets and the fabulous snake headdress for her Halloween festivities. I like the way she did the green and gold of her beautifully reptile-inspired makeup. She is talking super naughty now and I can’t show you what she is doing here in SFW Land, but it is free for the holiday to set up a profile and watch the entire rest of her show tonight. So let’s tee up all those puns about what she will be turning to materials hard as stone, just like in the sexiest Greek mythology.

Hi everyone! Im Miss_Lollipop, you can call me Lacey or Lolli.

Im Curvy, Squirty and KINKY AS FUCK!!

Originally from New Zealand, Ive been stateside 10 years and I just moved to FLORIDA!!

My background is animal rescue, I was director of a no kill shelter for several years prior to camming and it has my heart. Im into BDSM, Im a vegetarian, I love long hot baths, candles, nature, tarot, reading about archeology and myth and I like to sculpt tiny little ugly dolls. I suggest you chat in my room and follow my Twitter!

My chatroom is a weird little place. I get bored quickly so I try to keep things interesting. There arent a lot of rules common sense and kindness will help. If youre not sure ask me. I will let you know if youve overstepped a line.

Now that you know a bit about me Id love to get to know you! Get in my chat room and chat!


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