Mad and Cute Hanji


“If there’s something you don’t understand, learn to understand it. It’s well worth any risk to our lives.” I’m sure everyone knows this popular anime series, Shingeki no Kyojin or Attack On Titan. I mean it’s still a fresh anime which gained a lot of positive feedback, besides that it also had many advertisement, promotions and even a live action trilogy. And this is big for a brutal anime which is even shown to kids. Well anyway there’s peculiar character in this anime who is like a mad scientist but she’s not since she is a mad researcher named Hanji.

Hange Zoë is a high standing, veteran member of the Survey Corps and a squad leader in charge of the fourth squad. She is an interim commander and the successor to Erwin Smith if he is forced to abandon or becomes unable to continue in his position as commander of the Survey Corps. Hange conducts research on Titans to the point of being obsessed with them and as such, is deeply interested in Eren Yeager who has the ability to shift into a Titan.

I love this Hanji cosplay since it shows the cute side of Hanji. I can’t say much about the outfit since there are tons of Shingeki no Kyojin or survey corps outfit being sold by this company WORLDWIDE. But I like you to take notice of the setting of the photography first where it shows brick and mortar building which can also be found and almost all of the buildings in the anime. Second is the wig which looks natural for her, some Hanji cosplays’ wig looks obviously fake. AND LAST FINALLY HER HANJI EXPRESSION ohhh that expression just hit me in the kokoro, her portrayal of Hanji became 10x better with that expression and cuteness overload.

This cosplay for today with the great aura of professionalism, effort and excellence was brought to us by the professional photographer specializing in Cosplay Photography, Shiro Ang Photograhy. Shiro Ang is a young photogrpaher who would love to travel around the world more, meeting and working with new people, getting expose to their culture, understanding and connecting with people. He is currently based in Singapore, but he is available for both local and international assignments, advertising, and invitations. Shiro Ang brings out the potential of every model through the settings, editing and other pre-shoot setups so let’s support Shiro Ang and his model, Chuongtu by following him on Flickr, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.






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