Three Stages of Kamadeva


I haven’t seen a cosplay photoshoot like this lately. It looks like it was taken from a cutscene from a Square Enix game…buuut it’s not. The original game graphics are 2D, but it’s beautiful in the same way. In the photoshoot, they made sure to recreate the background colors and include the flower petals from the character’s 2D official image in the game.

Fans of Fate/Grand Order, you know who this is. For those new to this game, this is “Kama” also known as “Kamadeva”. The cosplays here are of her 3 different stages of “evolution” as you level her up in the game. If you notice, as most games with female characters go (specially in RPGs), the amount of garments worn by the character is inversely proportional to her strength.

Hedy Cosplay

Photo by: Moegan Photography


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