Anime_wench’s Susan Pevensie Chronicles of Narnia Cosplay


Susan Pevensie’s best outfit from Prince Caspian comes to life in this great cosplay by anime_wench, featuring an accurate costume and equally accurate props and background, transporting viewers to the decimated Narnia 1300 years after its golden age. With her bow in hand ready to take down any Narnian post-apocalyptic threat, this Susan is just as formidable as her inspiration from the books and movies (forget the epithet “The Gentle”). And the fact that the bow quiver is from the dollar store (and still looks legit!) makes it all the more impressive! This photo and others were taken at Sequoia National Park, and the locale very closely resembles the locale in the movie. Serious props for anime_wench’s dedication in creating this cosplay.


Mum can pretty much take all the credit on the dress! Jon and I focused all our attention on the leather brigandine and accesories. The boots are the ones I used for my Katara cosplay. The pouch is a random purse I found at a thrift store and hot glued a gold lion charm onto.

The quiver is a plastic plate mat from the dollar store that we rolled up and hot glued into quiver form. I took apart an embossed leather purse I found at a thrift store and glued it onto the place mat / quiver. Then I filled out the form with molding putty and painted it white.

The arrows were wooden dowels that I painted brown and hot glued red feathers to. (It was super hard keeping my cats away from my make-shift fletching! lol) My bow was an old one I used when I took archery in college. I had to paint it brown, too. ^_^

The only other detail I can think of is the hair extensions, which matched my current color pretty well!

We took the pictures in the Sequoia National Park on the same trail that we took the Princess Bride photos at. It was fun, also… when we were walking back to the car, we saw a bear! ^_^


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