Orange Episode 4

The anime version of the famous manga “Orange” started airing only this July 4th and is currently airing the 5th episode. The episode 4 was only released on July 24, 2016. This is about Naho, who received a letter from the future her, asking to save her childhood love, Kakeru. Although it was not explained yet (even until the current episode) how she got the letter, Naho found out that what the letter is saying is true and that she may be able to change the future…to save Kakeru from an unfortunate fate.

On the first four episodes, it was clearly indicated that — by some unfortunate event — Kakeru died and they could have saved him. Naho and her friends — Suwa, Chino, Hagita and Azusa — welcomed the newcomer Kakeru to their group and even encouraged him to join the soccer club.

Although Naho realized her feelings with Kakeru, she was not able to tell him straight up that she doesn’t want him to date Ueda, an upperclassman who is very popular with the boys.

This ended up Kakeru dating Ueda and made him stray away from the group. Naho and her friends realized what Ueda is doing and also wished themselves that they could have advised Kakeru not to date Ueda, because obviously he is not happy.

Ueda notices that Kakeru always cares for Naho (he even asked her to wake him up 6 AM in order to practice for the soccer club) and becomes mean to her because she don’t want him to be nice and kind to any other girls. Talk about being possessive.

Naho tried to run away from Kakeru and Ueda but Suwa (obviously likes her) advised her to reach out to Kakeru because she’ll never know what he wants to tell her if she doesn’t talk to him. Naho tried to talk to Kakeru asking what he want to tell her earlier but he said he already forgotten all about it.

Kakeru admitted that he hated not able to talk to her and also confessed that there is someone he liked more than Ueda but refuses to tell her more than that.

It was obvious that both Kakeru and Naho likes each other but they are both hesitating. Hopefully, the future will start to change that they will be able to save Kakeru’s future.

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