The Psyonic Ninja touches with more than just her mind


Okay, I will admit, I had to really be careful with this screen shot. She gets undressed very easy in this video by Cosplay-Mate. I mean the big trick for the Psyonic Ninja is to go from dressed to undressed in under a frame. What I really enjoyed about this video, other than the obvious, is that this Ninja really puts on a nice show. I am not all too familiar with her x-men counterpart, but this video does make me want to go back and read a few of her issues. Yes, that’s how much I liked this video–it is making me want to go to the library (or a ‘book store’) and get a book so I can compare the model to the drawings and see how well she stacks up.

For the record, she stacks up quiet nicely.


Twin of another very British hero, this ninja has a few other tricks up her (non-existing) sleeves. From creating blades from thin air to being invisible, she is one dangerous lady. She may seem unarmed but don’t count her out. She has two weapons that she can (and did) pull out to “defend” herself.


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