Nice Grown Up Kagamine Rin


Very much like her popular sister with the green hair, this blonde cutie has just as much songs written for her by various creators all over the world. When it comes to costumes, almost all vocaloids have a wide variety costumes drawn for them by illustrations and some of them have been made official by the company that owns Vocaloid.

Kagamine Rin and her twin brother, Len, are both designed to be 14 years old with petite bodies. So of course, fans are used to seeing them illustrated as young teens if not like children. However this cosplay by Suen gives Rin a different look. It’s like looking at Rin not like a young teen but somewhere along the lines of late teenage years on the way to adulthood. She definitely has that “not a girl, not yet a woman” thing going on with her looks and they way she wore the costume.


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