I’ve watched a lot of out-of-this-world anime and it gets crazier every time. That’s what we love about it! Not all anime are the same especially the sci-fi, thriller or post apocalypse type of anime.

Kiznaiver was only aired this April 9th and still airing Saturdays at 11:30 PM. When I watched the first episode titled “Kizuna”, the introduction before the name of Trigger and Aniplex was presented, was a scene from Kill La Kill. Soon after, I found out that this features the directorial debut of Hiroshi Kobayashi, who was the assistant director of the anime Rage of Bahamut and episode director of Kill la Kill. No wonder.

Kiznaiver is about a group of teenagers (7 of them) who lives in Sugomori City. They’re not normal teenagers, though, since they have a “bond” where they share each other’s pain. That’s literally. One scene, Niko Niiyama — a weirdly nonchalant student — kicked Hajime Tenga — the delinquent — and all of them felt instant pain. Niko’s kick on Tenga’s right face was felt by all of them on the right face.

They’re all not in a normal city, though. You see, Sugomori City is not a normal city but it was an experimental city created to test a large-scale experiment known as the “Kizna System”. What’s interesting about this story is that the Kizna System’s goal is to create world peace by connecting people through shared pain and suffering. That means everyone will be like the 7 teenagers. Everyone who are connected to the system are called “Kiznaivers”.

It’s really troublesome at the start but will the experiment succeed and will this really benefit everyone? It sounds crazy and out-of-this-world and I love it!


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