If Cosplay and Visual Art mixed up together

Yes, Cosplay is art but there is still something else you can do differently if you would like to take it to a whole new level.

Meet Kay Pike, a Canadian body artist, best known for her wonderful and realistic body arts that would sometimes take just 40 hours to finish…that’s dedication! The results are always marvelous and she looks like the character right out of the comic books!

She’s multi-talented besides from the obvious fact that she is indeed talented by just looking at the body paints alone. She is a professional artist, model, and a live streamer. I wonder how she can put all of that in her schedule. Or how she does that. Especially when she paints, chat and live stream all at the same time! Last December 8,2015, Kay uploaded her collosal titan body paint on Reddit. The next morning, it’s on the top most viewed! Wow! Yes, I do remember it being a rave and shared throughout social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram.

Up to this date, Kay Pike continues her body painting and live streaming and always, always leaves watchers and readers in awe.

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