Tamamo Cat The Faithful Servant

Whether or not this cat girl brings out the maternal instinct in you or the deeply buried fetish, it doesn’t matter. Because cat girl, maid outfit, paws and a tail, and did I mention naked apron? Seriously, how much more “moe” could you ask for? Thank you, Chihiro, for bringing to life Fate/Grand Order’s wild servant, Tamamo Cat.
Fate/Grand Order is a mobile RPG game. It is also known as “Fate Online Project Reboot.” Very much like its manga and anime franchise, the story revolves around a fictional version of the Holy Grail and the many characters involved with it.

Tamamo Cat is a moderately rare character that can be acquired in the game. She is described to be wild and difficult to control. However, once she has found a master she becomes totally devoted and will put her own desires asides and dedicates everything to protecting her master.

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