Ready For A Dip With Megumi Kato?


I’ve heard people asking about cosplay tips for the warm weather and while plenty of tips have been quite useful, perhaps one of the tips that made so much sense to me is when I read, “choose an appropriate attire for the season” and it had me wondering if this cosplay by 栀子Sang might be a good example of that. When it’s warm and sunny outside near the water, why not go for a swimwear cosplay, yeah?

Here’s a cosplay of Megumi Kato from the anime, Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata (How To Raise A Boring Girlfriend). It’s no secret that because harem is attractive to a lot of otakus, this anime would also gain so much attention from cosplayers as well and portraying people’s favorite girl seems to be the goal. 栀子Sang can cross this one out of her list now. This is one beautifully portrayed character and I’m sure her next character to cosplay will be as beautiful.


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