K/DA Pop Stars Group Cosplay Is Outstanding


With the popularity of KPOP (Korean pop) culture all across Asia and all across the world and the rise of virtual idols all across the world wide web, League of Legends, a popular multiplayer online battle arena video game, was not about to let the opportunity to ride on that bandwagon slide. To help market the new pop icon inspired costumes for their game they released two spellbinding music videos.

A group of talented ladies sought to bring these pop idols to life through their cosplay and have succeeded in recreating the characters’ looks from the music video “POP/STARS”. I love seeing good quality group cosplays. Not only is it because cosplay is more fun with friends but somehow group cosplays always seem to hold a lot of impact especially for those who are familiar with the game. It’s like seeing the 2D turn into 3D right before their very eyes.

Ahri Cosplayer: 桑葚来自东方的水果
Akali Cosplayer: QvQ璇音小漂亮
Kai’sa Cosplayer: 阮邑_Fairy
Evelynn Cosplayer: 星澜大魔王

Photo by: 烟鬼哥哥


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