Alita Battle Angel Is Ready For Action

This is probably one of the rare cases where I can say I like the cosplay a little more than the source material. Undeniably, quite a number of film viewers were on the fence about Alita: Battle Angel and some were just in pure awe after seeing it. I loved the movie, but one thing mostly everyone and even I agree on is the fact that Alita’s eyes in the movie sometimes got a little creepy to look at. Apparently, they thought that making her anime-looking would make her stand out (which did happen) from all the other robots. In the anime, she didn’t stand out much and sort of blended in well with everyone because almost everyone had the usual big eyes. She looked normal and she was “just like everyone else”. Going back to the cosplay, somehow I appreciate it more than the movie version mainly because this was how Alita was presented in the original – her facial features were just like everyone else, except she’s a robot.

Cosplayer: 六二二同学
Photo by: 教主Shadow

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