XConfessions: Prey And Predator Meet Once Again


In a gorgeous, illuminating setting that will have you immersed in this gorgeous forest world and woods, we find predator and prey in a beautifully sinister dance of cat and mouse as Alexa and Joel Tomas chase eachother through the woods in handmade fetish masks of a bunny and a fox. Hunt, Catch and Eat is the name of the game and the fox does so while bringing his prey to a wooden table where they partake in a number of not so SFW activities.

If you’re interested in seeing how this erotic dance finishes, head over to XConfessions by Erika Lust on AdultTime and see the beautiful finish of these two lovers! In the meantime, make sure to check the website out for more sinister, creative and exciting movies!

I confess that my girlfriend and I have a sex game. We like to pretend we’re animals. We have costumes and masks, but I don’t know if we consider ourself ‘furries’ like the other people who dress up and have sex.We wear our identities and play. Sometimes I will chase her when I am the wolf and she is the bunny. When I catch her, I stroke her soft fur over and over.Sometimes she is the lioness and will ravage me, taste me, and bite my neck and purr when it’s all over. Sometimes I am a bird who must show off for her, and if she is unconvinced I will use my beak to show her what a good mate I am.


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