Simply Angelic Seeu Cosplay By Aza


Ever since her Spiral Cats (a professional cosplay group) days and even after she left to go solo, Aza has continued to capture the attention of the worldwide cosplay community. She hopped from country to country guesting and sometimes just for the fun of attending otaku-related events and having the chance to cosplay among friends. In her travels she also does a lot of photoshoots and some are done in popular themed studios. SeeU is a VOCALOID.

This cosplay of Aza is of the Vocaloid character, SEEU, and it was taken in Taipei, Taiwan’s Studio AZURE. The studio opened in 2014 and has since been a venue for cosplay photoshoots and other themed group photos. The studio has different themed rooms that customers can choose to have their photoshoots in which just makes the experience all the more valuable and enjoyable. Thanks to Aza visiting the place, the studio’s popularity was boosted even more.


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