All Messes Beware – BrandiReese20 Is Here


In a deliciously red room, sits a beauty by the name of BrandiReese20! She takes on a fresh new challenge every single day she comes online, and today she is here to clean up any mess that she sees. All she needs is a broom, a dustpan and her sexy maid costume. Is there a uniform out there that creates as many sexy images in our heads as the one that belongs to maids? Nope! Especially not when it’s this babe wearing it! With lace decorations everywhere and giant pockets ready to hide some cleaning materials, it’s an absolutely stunning outfit ready for the messy job that awaits her.

BrandiReese20 might be ready to face some messes very soon, but there’s nothing messy about her sexy, detailed and classy maid outfit!

All Messes Beware - BrandiReese20 Is Here

All Messes Beware - BrandiReese20 Is Here

All Messes Beware - BrandiReese20 Is Here

Username: BrandiReese20
Gender: Female
Body Type: Large
Ethnicity: Black
Hair: Black
Eyes: Black
Weight: 70 pounds
Height: 2 inches
Age: 32
City: Johannesburg
Country: South Africa
Sexual Preference: Bisexual
Drink: Moderate
Marital Status: Single
Occupation/Major: Teacher
School: Johannesburg College
Favorite Food: Cheese and wine
Pets: Cat
Automobile: BMW
About Me: I’m aroused by men who share with me their desires, who let me bring happiness in their life. Open your mind with me and I will make you happy!


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