Outstanding Craftsmanship On Resident Evil 2 Cosplay


Have you ever seen something so gruesome and yet so amazing at the same time? This massively intimidating over-sized cosplay is one that is inspired by Resident Evil 2’s deformed monster that was formerly Dr. William Birkin, a virologist who worked for the Umbrella Company. To put the long story simply short, he mutated into this monster after a long while of working with zombie virus.

The amazing craftsmanship of this cosplay is quite the head-turner and surprised many convention goers as the cospalyer walked by. The eyeball on the right arm side was also said to be designed to move around, making it all the more realistic. The cosplayer, by the way, had cleverly situated his head to look like it’s bursting out from just beneath the left shoulder so that he could see where was going. If that isn’t an astounding cosplay, I don’t know what is!
Cosplayer: Gai


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