Beauty and Brains: Cosplayer Lai Pin-yu Wins Congress Election


Cosplayers embody different kinds of characters all the time including portraying a political figure character but how many cosplayers can say they have actually become one? Taiwanese cosplayer and dedicated activist, Lai Pin-yu surely can.

After defeating former Taipei City Deputy Mayor Lee Yong-ping and winning the elections for congress for New Taipei City’s 12th District, Lai Pin-yu is now officially a lawmaker for her country. A graduate of law and a passionate activist, Lai Pin-yu decided to run for congress and represent her home district in 2019. While her political activities and her platforms drew people to notice her, what really made her stand out from the rest is her cosplay. She’s been known to cosplay as Neon Genesis Evangelion’s beautiful heroine named Asuka Langley while she made her speech and called for Taiwan’s independence and opposing unification with China.

Now that her political career is blossoming, her followers wonder if she’ll continue to cosplay. Hopefully she still does!


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