This Darth Talon Makeup Look Will Bring Out Your Dark Side


Darkness calls to darkness, and this Darth Talon makeup tutorial will call to the darkness in your Star Wars fandom as you learn how to replicate the look of this Twi’lek Sith Lord. In order to transform into this sexy member of the One Sith, YouTuber Soylent Cosplay started off by washing her face with some witch hazel and then gluing down her eyebrows with Pros-Aide and giving them some powder. With her brows glued down, she then gives us some tips on proper contact lens care while sliding in some Colorvue Darth Maul lenses. After the contacts are in, it is time to start painting the face and body. She mixes some Lipstick Red ProAiir Hybrid body paint with some Yolk Yellow to warm it up, then applies it all over her face and chest with a sponge.

With the red applied, she then starts in with some Mehron Paradise Makeup Aq in Black around her left eye to start the design Darth Talon has there. With that done, she does her contouring next to make sure that all of the face angles are right while also giving a nice lesson in how to contour for your character. She contours with red/brown and black tones from the MAC Maleficent palette, and finishes her right eye with some eyeshadow and a dramatic wing made with a Stila pen as well as some Maybelline gel liner.  The gel liner is then used to do her face tattoos and other detail work, and a black jumbo pencil from Nyx helps her finish off the eyes. After doing her mascara with some Smashbox waterproof mascara and doing the detail on her lips,  it is then time to move on to the chest tattoo. She uses the same techniques as her face for her neck, and then uses a temporary transfer from Amazing Raymond that she printed out to make things look awesome and saving work at the same time. She finishes it off by applying her Lekku that was made by Twi’lek Paradise with the same glue used on the brows, and using a headband to cover the seam!

What an amazing look that will surely turn heads at any movie screening or convention!

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Welcome to my (long overdue) DARTH TALON MAKEUP TUTORIAL!
Thank you for your patience on this video! This video was cursed, I swear! I had issues with the application, my camera, my lekku, my editing software, and my computer! It’s gotten to the point where I throw my hands in the air and say “IT’S DONE!”.

So while it’s not perfect, and some of the paint job is making me cringe, here it is! I hope you like it and it helps you in some way!

Let me know that you think in the comments below! And be sure to subscribe if you’re interested in more tutorials like this!

P.S: I’m well aware of that hair that’s sticking out of my headband and, yes, it DOES cause me physical pain looking at it and not being able to fix it.


Proaiir Hybrid paint in Lipstick Red and Yolk Yellow
Mehron Paradise Makeup Aq in Black
Stila “Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Liner” Intense Black
Maybeline Gel Liner
Smashbox Waterproof Mascara
MAC Maleficent Pallette
Napoleon Red Eyeshadow
NYX Black Jumbo Pencil

CONTACT LENSES: Colourvue “Darth Maul”



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