Korra by MyriamMcFly Cosplay


I think that all fans of The Legend of Korra will be delighted with this hot and sexy female character revived by sweet and mystique cosplay girl MyriamlMcFly. You can guess – it is one and only Avatar Korra, dark hair beauty, master of bending arts.

MyriamMcFly did a great job here – she really looks dangerous and breathtaking, but those eyes and look… I would not mess with her, that is fore sure.

You can also notice that the costume is really similar to the original from the season 4, so it is sewn perfectly.

And the surroundings… Thumbs up for that, Myriam! So great.

I will not mention the fact that the position of your body in the most pics simply demands some video – to see all those moves…

If you like Myriam, follow her on Facebook and visit her Deviant Art, You Tube and Instagram to see her great work.

Photos were taken by Dragon 2911, Forlorn Treasures and Bhorn.


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