Meet B_E_R_R_Y_’s Joker


She used to think her life was a tragedy, but now she realizes it was a comedy. It’s time for the opening weekend for one of the most anticipated movies in the year and it looks like B_E_R_R_Y_ is front and center as she takes on this Joker cosplay and gives it a bit of a curvy twist. She’s back to give us a depiction of the rise of one of our favorite villains, dressed in a red leotard that really pops every bit of her body, some blue locks to match and the now very recognizable white face, blue diamonds over her eyes, the red, drawn out lipstick as well as eyebrows.

Gotham City better prepare itself because B_E_R_R_Y_‘s Joker is up to some mischief and madness.

Meet B_E_R_R_Y_'s Joker

Meet B_E_R_R_Y_'s Joker

Meet B_E_R_R_Y_'s Joker

Queen of meowgical world. Currently in Yourfantasyland 🦄👑


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