EliseRivers Dazzles With Her Marvelous Cosplay


Time to convert some sound into energy beams and get to a dance floor with EliseRivers‘s wonderful Dazzler body painting today! This disco queen has got a lot of light shows in store for us and the music is jamming in the background as she is continuing to paint her masterpiece on her body. Complete with the blue eye paint and the comic book makeup on her cheeks and lips. No look would be complete without the diamond and pearl accessories that both extend to her neck, hands and tie into a disco ball drawn in the middle of her chest. A white shirt collar is painted over her sides to mimic the overall disco feel that then wraps into a black skirt.

We can’t wait to see what this light show will bring so hurry on down to EliseRivers‘s show to see more!

Australian Model 🎥 International Body Paint Artist 🎨
Cosplay Enthusiast 🌟🔥Sexy Super Hero👢


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