Fantasy and Technology Collide Mash Up Cosplay


I thought music was the only thing which can be mashed up. Usually in mashing up songs or things, it’s best to mash those which are very similar with each other since even though the difference as a topic, they share something similar that’ll bring something very different yet it brings this feeling of righteousness lol. But this cosplay for topic today just went wild a mashed even the shit out of my head.

Have you ever thought of Pixies? Those cute little mythical creatures of folklore, considered to be particularly concentrated in the high moorland areas. Very tiny and has those sparkly wings, they even appeared in Peter Pan (Tinkerbell) and are usually poor clothed or naked (oh yeah). They usually live in the forest with fresh air and all the green nature with them. And have you ever thought of the Steampunk theme? The theme which has the science fiction and sometimes fantasy that incorporates technology and aesthetic designs inspired by 19th-century industrial steam-powered machinery? That’s good before going further let’s talk about our cosplayer first.

Our model for today is a young and fresh cosplayer from the United Stated who (obviously) loves cosplay, plays music and LOVES BOBA MILK TEA! Her name is May Parker but goes with the pen name of “November Cosplay” You may describe her as your common female friend who loves to read books and listen to music but with a twist since she also loves cosplay and videogames! Which is very uncommon for wester females nowadays. She’s good and you may consider her a professional cosplayer, and she’s the type of cosplayer which focuses elegancy and cuteness (KAWAII) in cosplay but that doesn’t mean she don’t do sexy cosplay anymore.

Now going back again with the cosplay topic. We talked about Pixies living in those green nature and breathing the fresh air and the steampunk genre which has thoe 19th century technology and all steampowered whose environment is usually dirty and full of dust and smoke. Now have you ever thought of those two things being and combined together? That’s like chaos coming to earth. I mean, green nature and steam powered technology? That’s just insane right? But it’s insane enough to have it’s own story of course. But even though with that much difference I love how November Cosplay professionaly mix it up and combine those two things and still make it look good and natural. I love how she incorporated that pilot hat which kinda mix right with Pixies since they’re constantly flying and those cute big eyes! Oh how I love those feature of November Cosplay, it brings the cuteness out of any cosplay she wears!

November / May Parker is a fresh and beautiful cosplayer which I believe will have greater potential in the cosplay industry if she will continue to pursue it so let’s support her by liking her Facebook Page November Cosplay and following her on her Deviantart Art Page! I can see a great potential with this new cosplayer so I encourage you to support her and her Photographer for this shoot, Joits Photography





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