Kimono-clad Sonico


No matter how simple a costume is if it’s properly framed and portrayed by the cosplayer, it creates impact. Cosplayer, Nara, certainly knows this when she cosplayed Nitro’s mascot character, Super Sonico.

The filtered lighting is just right to not totally illuminate her face but just enough to create a soft, barely visible shadow. The traditional background fits well and the props infront of her helps create the depth of the photo.

In one of the photos she’s holding a festival fan and in another she’s holding a fox mask. From these elements I’m guessing this shoot was to pay tribute to Japan’s local fox festivals or maybe pay tribute to Inari Okami.

Japanese lores have countless stories that have foxes in them. Foxes in Japan are quite revered in legends and are believed to be magical and intelligent. Seeing these foxes are said to bring good fortune. In the same manner, kindness to a fox brings in blessings. Foxes are also said to have the ability to shapeshift into human form. In some occasions these foxes become beautiful women to fool humans.

Seeing a fox is considered good luck so if Nara really is a fox in human form, you have luck on your side today!


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