Intricate Sylvanas Cosplay by Kumi

When it comes to game cosplays the most challenging part of making it without a doubt is of course the details and how close you can get it to looking like the real thing. Game costumes are mostly very intricate.

For example, this Sylvanas costume worn by cosplayer and model, Kumi. Though seemingly made of light material, the painting technique and sufficient coating made the armor look sturdy and made of hard metal. Oh and did you notice the golden details on her hood, her elven ears sticking out and the long blonde eyebrow?! I’m pretty sure you eagle-eyed game fans wouldn’t fail to notice the efforts on these!

To those not familiar with this character and the game here’s the cliffsnotes verion: Sylvanas Windrunner is a playable character from World of Warcraft. She is the queen of the undead and the Forsaken – a group of willful undead who had broken free of the Lich King’s control. They vowed to destroy the Lich King, who is the root of all evil in the game.

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